Company Bumpers Rules

Here at the Company Bumpers site, we want everyone here to learn about these bumpers and have a good time. So please obey these rules.

1.) Anyone can view this site, but only writers can edit the pages. Please log-in/sign up if you want to contribute.

2.) No attacking any members. This is meant to be a fun and friendly place. Anyone that does so will be BANNED automatically.

3.) No spamming allowed! That includes, but is not limited to, promoting any business and pornography. Anyone caught doing so will be automatically BANNED!

4.) Do not put Normal Logos or Dream Logos here. This is "Company Bumpers". They may be like logos, but they're stuff like FBI Warnings, VCR Tracking Control Bumpers, Stay Tuned After the Video Bumpers, Feature Presentation Bumpers, Coming Attraction Bumpers, etc. Here are links for real logos and dream logos.

5.) Give credit where credit is due.NO PLAGIARISM!

6.) No vandalism. If anyone vandalizes anything on this site will be BANNED automatically.

7.) All CLG related sites and the Company Bumpers site are PG-Rated sites. If at anytime you've been cussing (Minor curse words are fine) and if we catch you, you will be given a warning. If it continues, you will be BANNED!

8.) Do not duplicate this site by creating another WikiFoundry site, copying pages from this site, claiming the pages as your own, and stealing any captures. Doing so will automatically result in a BAN, and the duplicate site being deleted.

9.) People of any age can view this or any other CLG site, but children under 13 years of age may not register here. Anyone publicly stating that they are under 13 years of age will be BANNED, until you turn 13 years of age.

10.) Only the administrators, and moderators can promote writers to moderators based on the number of contributions time after time, and being on good behavior. We discuss to the other administrators, and moderators about a certain writer who has made a lot of contributions in order to get promoted. Do NOT ask us to promote you to a "moderator" or "administrator"!

11.) Do not add personal comments to the pages. That included making the page your own personal forum and adding personal opinions on the pages. The pages here are for descriptions ONLY. You get caught doing this and you will be warned. If it continues, you will be BANNED!

12.) Do not post so many threads on one page all in one day. Do so, and you'll face the consequences.

13.) Any person or persons giving out threat messages to a moderator or administrator, will be BANNED without warning!

14.) Once you create one account, do NOT create a secondary account!

15.) If you have a toolbar or add-on, remove it immediately, because they cause bugs and causes unknown links that has a number/pound "#" sign. Ignore the warnings and there are consequences!

16.) Any user(s) using any profane or any sexually-related name for a user name, will be automatically BANNED!

17.) To non-mod/administrator members: No pretending to be a mod or administrator! That includes telling people not to break rules, threatening to ban members and making your own rules. Only members that are mods or administrators have the authority to do so. Anyone breaking this rule will be automatically BANNED!!!